Happy Gwen with Tolkien

Here is the project that I told you about in my last post.

Yes I know an odd title for a craft post but once you see my photos you will understand.  This is my first craft post in over 4 months and I am a little intimidated with all the wonderful projects I have seen around the place on the web.

But I am really happy with my efforts on this Off The Page project.

Happy Gwen PaintingA painting with a Verse, Image and Flowers on top.  This Off The Page project came about by 4 different processes which are as follows:

  1. Painting of the canvas which was done by putting painters tape over the canvas first and then painting each section with your choice of colour.
  2. Choosing the Verse that you wish to use and printing it up in a font of your liking making sure to space the words out so that you can cut each word out.  I used my Brother Scan-N-Cut to cut out the words in different shapes.  The colour choice of the cardboard came about because I love Purple (if you couldn’t tell) and I knew I would be using this colour when I coloured up my image.
  3. The printing of the image that is to be used. Happy Gwen Painting Closeup  I wanted to use my favourite image and that is Happy Gwen a Digi image by Some Odd Girl.  I have used her several times already and I’m sure I will continue to use her.  I think I need to buy some more Gwen from Kristy.  I coloured her in with my Copics but I have lost the list of the Copics I used with my shift of my craft area.  Once I had finished colouring in the image I used my Brother Scan-N-Cut to cut out the image. No more cutting out images ((((HAPPY dance)))) one of the main reasons for buying the Scan-N-Cut.
  4. For the flowers I again turned to my Brother Scan-N-Cut to cut these flowers and leaves out.  They were each cut out perfectly – I must say I am falling in love with this machine more and more.  Once I cut them out I used my Tim Holtz Distress Inks to jazz them up a little.

I was pleased with how this project turned out and I am thinking I may try my hand at doing more Off The Page projects.  This project I am going to put this into the Some Odd Girl Facebook Group Challenge – Flower Power and also onto their blog for their July Link Up.

But I just want to say thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and looking at my creations.  And to let me know that you stopped on by today and what you thought of my creation, why not leave me a comment below.  I love to hear what people think of my creations – feedback is how I improve my craft.

Hugs & Blessings Always
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