New Beginings I hope.

 Hello Everyone,

Well life keeps throwing new things into my path.  Some good, some bad. I have been homeschooling one of my kids since the beginning of this year and things lately have had to be adjusted due to circumstances so I have had to put a lot of my energy into this.  This has unfortunately impacted on my screen time. But I have been crafting behind the scenes – Crafting is my one stress relief.

ITracy Spinning did buy myself this an Ashford Traveler Spinning Wheel in the beginning of 2015.  I went to a Fiber Camp last May (and again this year) and absolutely fell in love with spinning. I got to try a wheel similar to this at the camp and was instantly hooked.

I have been making some yarns and I have knitted a shawl with the first 5 that I spun.  I will be keeping this shawl once I have finished it because this shows where I started on my Spinning journey.

One thing I am quite proud of is that I have picked up Crochet – after many people have tried to teach me over the years.  I crocheted this bag over the past month using a pattern based on the Derek design.  This was a really well written pattern and easy for a beginner like me to complete.  Once I finished making the outside I also sew some pockets that fit my stuff for the inside.

Even though I changed a couple of things from the original I am really happy with the results.  The one thing I love about making things myself is that I can use the colours that I want too especially my favorite colour – Purple and also I can adjust things to suit either myself or someone I am making the item for.

So this what I have been up too after I said Hi in early May this year.  I want to share with you more of my spinning and fiber crafts.  And I want to get some cards made for either just for the fun of it or that I can enter into some challenges.

Until next time, Happy Crafting.



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