A New Desk for Me.

Today I am here to share with you my new desk that my Hubby made for me.  Why was I in need of a new desk you may ask.  Well I shall share with you a photo of my desk before the upgrade.
Old DeskAs you can see from this photo my desk which is marked by the green mat wasn’t very big.  Every time I came to sit at my desk I felt very hemmed in. All I had to do was put a few things on the desk and I didn’t have any space to create … though I did; but not very often because of how I felt while sitting there.  I mentioned this to my Hubby and he said that he could do something about it for me.  So we went and bought the necessary wood for the new shelves and my Hubby set about making my new desk.
New Desk Dec2015And here is my new desk … YAY!!! I painted my new desk and the pin board my favourite colour – Purple.  The desk is so much bigger than my old one.  Just taking out that middle upright has opened up my desk so much. I have some new wire baskets for some of my spinning supplies but on the shelf above the desk is my Fiber stash waiting to be spun and turned into projects.  In this photo my spinning wheel is missing but the green mat down the bottom right is where it does sit.

I am looking forward to making my first project on this desk.  I am not sure when that will be – at the start of Christmas School Holidays in my house – but I hope it will be soon.

Happy Crafting Always,
From Tracy B


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