A Bag for Me

Today post is about the latest weaving project that is on my SampleIt Loom from Ashfords and also a weaving hack or tip as well.

I am half way through the project but I still wanted to share my progress with you – here is a pic of my progress

Bag in progress

In the beginning of January 2016 I decided that I was going to make something for Me.  For me this is a very rare occurrence as I am usually making things for others. Well I am still doing some crochet as well. But this weaving project was going to be for me.

I had this book
Liz Gipson Weaving Made Easy

and I have loved the look of many projects in this since I bought it.  I had never tried any of them up until now.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the same materials that Liz used but I had something similar. I so wanted to make the bag pattern that is included. So I went about reading the pattern and warping up my loom with the required length but I wanted to track my weaving progress because the whole bag is made on the same warp so I came up with this
How far now close up

I cut some strips of paper and joined them together until I had the length that was required in the pattern. I also marked out 10cm lengths and pinned it to the beginning of my project and the longest end. You can see by this picture above I have just under 1.1 meters to go. Now I know exactly how far it is to the end of this piece of weaving.

I will do another post once I have finished making the bag.  Thanks for stopping by my blog today; if you liked my post please don’t forget to hit the like button and also leave a comment if you would like more information or anything.

Til next Blog,
May you always find yourself some crafty time 🙂



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