Handmade Cards

Why am I missing?

Hello Everyone,
You may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything to my blog for quite a while. Well I’m here to update you as to why …. the following picture should answer a lot.
Yes that is a “Moon Boot” on my foot.

How – you may be asking!
Well I slipped on a bath mat as I was coming out of the shower on our first night being away on the Sunshine Coast.
After my Husband drove me to Nambour Hospital- a half hour drive- not much fun while in pain.  I found out that I bruised my whole right foot, dislocated 2 toes and also broke those 2 toes as well.  My foot has been all wonders of colours as the bruising has been coming out. And I have to see the fracture clinic at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Fracture clinic.

Unfortunately I am unable to sit at the desk that I use for card crafting – so that is going to be a non happening activity for quite a while. So I hope to be back again as soon as I can get to my table – or if someone can come up with a solution that can help me card craft on my bed I would love that.

Just a heads up for anyone who hasn’t had to wear one of these things –
My husband actually weighed it and it is over a kilo in weight. And my sand shoe (my usual footwear) is only 2% of that weight – so no wonder my leg gets tired!!

And I bet if you are a regular to my blog you know what is coming ….. that’s right my quote/saying to make you think!!!
I have to keep telling myself this at the moment. I am only at the beginning of a long path to travel. But its not the end of my journey.  I will return to my normal routine and then I can move forward on my own two feet.

Hope you have a Happy, Crafty, No Breaks kind of Day,
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