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A Favourite Technique

Hello Everyone,
I am here to actually share with you 2 things
1: A Card Project and 2: A Mini Ink Pad Storage Update

First off my card project.  This card was inspired by the AAA Cards: Favourite Technique challenge.  I meant to upload this a few days ago but time and life got away from me.
Celebrate Style.jpgI love using my Distress Inks over Stencils; it gives me an opportunity to put quite a lot or little amount of colour into a project depending on which stencil I use or what I am wanting to achieve.  This stencil came on the free on the front of a card making magazine and I really love the design.

As I just mentioned I love using my Distress Inks but I am a complete klutz and usually get the ink that goes on my fingers from changing out the foam between colours onto places I don’t want.  So my Husband helped me to make wooden dowel pieces that are just smaller than a Tim Holtz Mini Ink Blending Tool Foam and they were perfect … with  a major draw back!! They no longer fitted into my Ink Storage Shelf that my Husband had previously made for me
BeforeChange.jpgAs you can see the pad is quite squished in! And my Husband said that he could update it so that the pads weren’t squished.
Ink Storage.jpgInk Storage close up.jpg
As you can see from the zoomed in photo above they are no longer squished and have the dowel installed already.  And before you wonder – no this photo isn’t upside down – I store my ink pads this way but I named all of them before I decided to store them like this.

The left side of the storage unit is spaced for my Mini Distress Inks and the right side is for my stamping inks which I don’t use blending foam with.  But I have noticed that I may end up outgrowing this so I may need to ask Image result for winking emoji freemy Husband if he can make a new one only wider or taller.

Thank you for coming by and looking at my card project and my updated ink storage unit.  And as always I want to leave you with this thought before you leave:
family w quote
This is my fabulous family. Without whom I wouldn’t have such a full life. I am grateful for these 3 wonderful people they have seen me through much and love me still.

Have a Happy Crafty Family Filled kind of Day,
My Name

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