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Where Have I Been??

Hello Everyone.
You may have noticed that I haven’t been on lately. This has been due to two things.
1. Ill health šŸ˜’
and I decided to do the craziest thing
2. Change of my Craft Space!!
The ill health has been a lot of my family including myself. This took me out because I have been looking after others – doctor appointments, return appointments and such plus stuff (that I thought was worked out) going on with me as well.
But the 2nd reason was my craziest idea of them all – you see I had this space it was fine
It worked OK but the desk was too small for larger stamping projects and a few other things were annoying me as well. So I asked my hubs if he would help me build a new desk and figure out new storage and this is what I have ended up with
This photo just doesn’t do my new space justice!
My desk is wide enough that I have a dedicated area for photos and my cutters are no longer taking up so much space that I can not move any more. I am not 100% back in but enough that I can do some Design Team work!
I cut that very close and nearly didn’t make it because I couldn’t get a good photograph for my Design Team work that was due … TODAY!! But I pushed ahead and got to a point where I could set up my new photo area and got a good photo! Then worked at getting my post up and ready for tomorrow afternoon šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ Don’t like cutting things so close.
And of course a last thought before you leave
I am looking forward to crafting in my new space. It will be interesting to see how my next larger project goes.

Until Next Time,
Tracy B

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