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Critter Card 4

Hello everyone, I had fun colouring in this Ewe picture for my card today. I must admit that I think that my family thought I had gone mad because they could hear giggling going on while I was adding the sparkle 😀


Bugaboo Holiday Critter Challenge Day 4: Bingo Time

For my card, I used the Left Side Column – Glitter, 3 Layers, Tree

This card was a lot of fun to create. First, the colouring of the Ewe even though I went quite simple with it I liked the soft colours. Then trying to find all the elements for the bingo elements. Then deciding to colour in the Ewes hooves with pink glitter gave me the giggles and I think my family thought that I had lost it … finally! But we must always enjoy our creative process no matter who thinks we have gone crackers.

Thanks for stopping in and looking at my card project today. I am glad that you stopped by my blog; before you depart I would leave you with this final thought for this post.

Until my next post,
Have fun crafting something.
❤ Tracy

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