Polychromos Update

Hi Everyone,
Today I am bringing you an update for my Polychromos Pencils. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  Last year I had bought myself the full set of Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils and I absolutely love them in every way.  But in the past couple of months I have been having trouble seeing the pencil numbers that are written in gold foil on each pencil. I was thinking that I was going to have to give up using my favourite colouring medium.  Then I thought about how I name my kids pencils for school each year and an idea came to mind.
Polychromos Pencil Names Full Set.jpg
Here is the whole set completed 🙂

Polychromos Pencil Names Close Up.jpg
I used my computer and some Avery Media Labels
Printed the number of the pencils onto them, I fitted 9 numbers per label
The biggest part was cutting them apart
I found the mini label wasn’t sticking very well so I had to wrap a bit of clear tape around the number to help it stay on.

I am really happy with this hack – I can keep on using my pencils without straining to see the numbers that I am after.  Maybe this will help someone as well.

Thank you for stopping by to see my project. If you could leave a like and even a comment I would appreciate it and I would know you stopped by. My wish for you is that you find yourself doing something crafty and relaxing soon.

Thanks for stopping my blog
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2016 … a complete write off

Hello Everyone,

Oh what a year it has been. As you can see I didn’t get to upload anymore after my previous post. A lot has been happening in my personal world, the main one being sickness. I am still not 100% over everything and I know that in 2017 I am going to have to have an operation.  Its not something that I want but its needed; which will mean recovery time and down time for me.

I know that I am so grateful for the love of my Hubby and my kids.  They have gotten me through this 2nd half of 2016.  Plus all of the well wishes and prayers that have come my way from Family and friends.

Next year I truly hope that things will go better. I definitely hope to be able to post more on here in the coming year and I wont have to post another “Where have I been” post.


As I write this post we are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas.  I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful, happy, blessed and safe Christmas. I pray that in 2017 we all have time to be with our family and friends and to also have time to craft and relax.
From Tracy B


Where have I been ….

Where have I been is busy.  Other parts of my life had taken over my crafting and blogging time 😦 I have been trying to find a balance between all of the things in my life.

During this time I have been doing some crafting but not as much as I once was.  But I have just come back from my annual Spinners & Weavers Camp with my craft group.  Going to this has given me the spur on to actually see about doing something about my craft space and what is stopping me from using it.

But I would like to share with you some photos from the weekend

People on Camp

A small group of people but lots of fun

warping a loom using a board

This is me giving a demo of warping my loom using my warping frame

I was asked by my group if I would do a Rigid Heddle Weaving Demo on the weekend.  A lot of people had already taken up this craft but they had never seen someone use their warping board the way that I do.

Building a SampleIt with Sue

Helping Sandy to build her new SampleIt Loom from Ashford.

I was so honored that someone wanted me to introduce them to my world of Rigid Heddle Weaving. There was so much going on during the camp even a Continuous Raffle.
Continuous Raffle

4 badges made by me

A close up of the badges which you can see in the above photo. I made these by needle felting and sewing.  I had a lot of fun making these; this is a new craft that I have taken up lately.  Yes I know I didn’t really need another new craft but it uses stuff I already have from my other crafts.

MY OTHER thing – fixing up my craft area.
Yes I know I only just did some updates to this area not so long ago but this didn’t fully fix the problems that I was having.  This is also another reason I haven’t uploaded much lately.  When I am in my crafting space I just don’t feel inspired or really want to be in that space.  So my Hubby and I are currently trying to figure out a better solution for me.  I need to be able to craft but also feel comfortable while doing it.  A lot of my stuff I have done lately has been at our dining table and this can not continue.

I will try and upload some more in the not too distant future.  Until next time I wish you all some wonderful crafting time.

Tracy B


New Beginings I hope.

 Hello Everyone,

Well life keeps throwing new things into my path.  Some good, some bad. I have been homeschooling one of my kids since the beginning of this year and things lately have had to be adjusted due to circumstances so I have had to put a lot of my energy into this.  This has unfortunately impacted on my screen time. But I have been crafting behind the scenes – Crafting is my one stress relief.

ITracy Spinning did buy myself this an Ashford Traveler Spinning Wheel in the beginning of 2015.  I went to a Fiber Camp last May (and again this year) and absolutely fell in love with spinning. I got to try a wheel similar to this at the camp and was instantly hooked.

I have been making some yarns and I have knitted a shawl with the first 5 that I spun.  I will be keeping this shawl once I have finished it because this shows where I started on my Spinning journey.

One thing I am quite proud of is that I have picked up Crochet – after many people have tried to teach me over the years.  I crocheted this bag over the past month using a pattern based on the Derek design.  This was a really well written pattern and easy for a beginner like me to complete.  Once I finished making the outside I also sew some pockets that fit my stuff for the inside.

Even though I changed a couple of things from the original I am really happy with the results.  The one thing I love about making things myself is that I can use the colours that I want too especially my favorite colour – Purple and also I can adjust things to suit either myself or someone I am making the item for.

So this what I have been up too after I said Hi in early May this year.  I want to share with you more of my spinning and fiber crafts.  And I want to get some cards made for either just for the fun of it or that I can enter into some challenges.

Until next time, Happy Crafting.



Outback Rememberance

Hello Everyone,
Today I had to get out to my craft area early so I could get a project done before it became too unbearable to be in there.  I decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at the Hard part of the January Challenge at Make it Colourful.  I also decided to join in on the Australia Day Challenge on the Make it Crafty Facebook Group so I combined the two.

Aussie Outback ImageThe inspiration for this image came from our recent Christmas Holidays.  We did a lot of driving and we traveled some dirt roads and saw some spectacular scenery.  This composition is made up of Digital Australian Outback images from Make it Crafty – of course. In this image I used 5 of the images available in the Australian Outback Elements Pack at Make it Crafty. From this set I used both of the Horizon images, the side road, 2 of the shrubs and 1 of the rock images.

I used a mixture of colouring elements to finish off this image.  The majority of the image is coloured in with my Pastel Chalks and then I have used some Faber Castel Pencils to add some definition.  I am really happy with the results – this is the first time I have tried doing a sunset.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and looking at my latest creation.  And to let me know that you stopped on by today and what you thought of my creation, why not leave me a comment below.  I love to hear what people think of my creations – feedback is how I improve my craft.

Hugs & Blessings Always

Challenges I am going to enter
MakeitCrafty Facebook Group – Australia Day Challenge ’14
Make it Colourful – Challenge #5 – (easy) Yellow and Blue – (hard) Sunrays & Water


Hello My Name is…

Hello Everyone,
Today I am sharing with you a Name Tag that I made to wear at my local Craft Group.
They have given us some very generic ones to wear but I decided to make one of my own. And I used a favourite digital image from Some Odd Girl.
Happy Gwen TagI am really happy with how this tag turned out – can anyone tell what my favourite colour is?  Not hard to tell with this Name Tag.

I made this card using my computer program PrintMaster 2012. (Not loving this new version – but that’s a whole another rant)  I cut the Happy Gwen Digital Image from Some Odd Girl within the program. Once I was happy with the image size I added the Purple flower paper background to the image and added a banner and placed my name on it.  I coloured the image with my Copics and here is a closer look at the image and the colour combos that I used.
Happy Gwen Tag ColoursSome of the colouring I am not 100% happy with keeping a record I am hoping to improve my colouring I am aiming to improve over the course of 2014.

But I just want to say thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and looking at my creations.  And to let me know that you stopped on by today and what you thought of my creation, why not leave me a comment below.  I love to hear what people think of my creations – feedback is how I improve my craft. 

Hugs & Blessings Always

Challenges I am entering this project into:
Some Odd Girl Stamp Blog: January 2014 – Tag You’re It
613 Avenue Create: Challenge Blog Anything Goes


A help or hinderance?


Hello Everyone,I am back today to share with you a couple of photos of my latest large loom project that I am in the process of working on.  And someone who likes to sit with me while I loom.
My HelperOk so it is not a person.
This is our 7mth old Budgerigar Sapphire.  She loves to hang out with the family no matter what we are doing.  But she has gotten more bolder of late – jumping from our shoulder onto the table or as you can see from the photos she has started climbing down onto my weaving. It is just nice that she wants to be with us.

But anywho onto the actual project that i am working on ….

Cream & Beige ShawlThis is a Cream & Beige Shawl that I am working on at present.  This is actually being made for my Prayer Shawl Gifts that I do.  I know who it is being made for but at the moment I am unsure as to why God chose this person to be a recipient of one of my shawls.  But I suppose I don’t always need to know why – I would just like to know thats all.

The shawl is being made with 7 different types of yarns.  Once I started to do the weft yarns. I realized I should have used a bigger heddle for some of the yarns that I am using in the warp.  But so far it is turning out quite well.  Once I am finished I will put an updated photo here.

But I just want to say thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and looking at my creations.  And to let me know that you stopped on by today and what you thought of my creation, why not leave me a comment below.  I love to hear what people think of my creations – feedback is how I improve my craft.  And my final thought for you today is:  That I hope you find yourself doing something you love.

Hugs & Blessings Always
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