No Post … Why?!?

Hello everyone. Sorry for not putting anything up for a while but yeah … life. Several things decided to conspire against me in my ability to be able to put up posts for most of March.

I had planned to be able to write my posts for my 2 design teams as I had made all of the cards for the challenges during March before I had to totally pack down my craft space due to our renovations BUT grrrrrrr.

My laptop decided that it would be a really great idea to die just 1 week into our renovations and with all the lockdowns and other stuff the repair people didn’t get to my laptop until just over a week ago. I would have been doing updates during the renovations’ but here are some before and after pics of what went on.

Here are the before photos.


garage conversion

Outside before

So we were going to do up two places in our house. Our kitchen which is the original one we put into our house 24 years ago it hadn’t been working for quite a while but we were newbies at construction when we got this place built. And some things that we got weren’t what we were expecting especially the large surround for the fridge. It left us with a very small area for our dining table. So as it said in pic 1 – this was going (((happy dance)))).

Pic 2 is the inside of our garage almost packed up. You really couldn’t move out here before we started taking boxes to storage. But this corner is where my craft space will end up. Lots of changes coming. We will still have the laundry out here but new flooring and wall will becoming.

Pic 3. Well the garage doors will be no more so a dramatic change to how our house looks will happen.

SO now I am starting to get my craft space and my kitchen sorted. The kitchen sorting is a lot further along as we had delays with our garage conversion project it’s not fully done yet but enough that we can start to put my craft space together.


Our updated kitchen thanks to Craftbuilt Kitchens and there great tradies. I would recommend the whole lot of them for any works. I will be keeping their contact details for when we want to do future works. But also thanks to project manager Sharon who kept us in the loop the whole time that works were in progress. This is the kitchen that we should have gotten all those years ago.

craft space 2 April 2021

My craft space is slowly coming together – well this is only just the beginning of my craft space. I have put together enough to be able to start making cards for my 2 design teams. So YES more posts will be coming in the next couple of days. We bought 2 new storage cabinets from IKEA which my Handy Boys put together for me – I am still trying to figure out how to make them work in my space properly. We are slowly bringing supplies back from storage at a pace so that I don’t get overwhelmed and get sick again. Even looking at this photo while writing this post is getting to my sense of order. So I will move onto the last after photo – the other side of the window wall.

Outside after

This is how our outside looks now – quite a bit different. It is still weird coming home and not seeing the roller doors in front of our place. The painter (Paul) is one of the tradies we met during the kitchen renos – we loved his work so much that we paid him to come back and paint our new walls both inside and out. I love the Maroon colour that we chose for the outside – it’s dramatic and it is different from anything that I have seen. I guess we are now set for State Of Origin this year 😀

Any way I am off to do more unpacking and sorting. But to also ask my handy boys (my Hubby and Son) to construct some stuff for my new craft space. I will share a final pic once I am happy with my space but at the moment I am just happy to be able to be doing some card crafting again. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my pics of our renos. Before you depart my blog as usual I would love to leave you with this last thought for this post.

What I am trying to achieve with each passing change.

Until my next post,
Be Kind to Yourself and Others.
❤ Tracy

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3 Questions for Decluttering

Hello everyone, this isn’t my usual post. But I thought that I would share the questions that I think will help me to declutter my current crafting space.
CraftSpace Feb2019
This is my current space. Some of this has changed since this photo was taken and my space is also on the move again later in the year. So before this happens I have decided that I will try and do a declutter but sometimes I get stuck on certain items. But I have come across 3 questions that I think will help me on my decluttering journey and they are
1: Is there something else I could use in place of this item?
**For eg: If I got rid of most of my ribbon collection is there something I could use in place of it on a card project? Well yes – I could use Washi Tape or a strip of pattern paper.
2: What is the worst thing that would happen if I got rid of this item?
**If I got rid of my extra pairs of scissors what could happen. Well, I could misplace the ones I have or they could stop working somehow. But I don’t live that far from a craft store so I could replace if necessary.
3: Why? Why am I keeping a hold of this? What is preventing me from throwing this out?
** Is there some memory attached to the item? If you can’t deal with an item at the moment – get a box and store it in there where you can’t see it and then look at it again in 6mths. Maybe then you can deal with the letting go.
Hopefully, these questions will help me to conquer my space. I will also be going into the other storage spaces that I have and looking at the stuff there as well. I am going to use this time where life is being forced to slow down to get my most used space in my house – my craft space – into somewhere that I want to spend more time.
Thanks for stopping by and looking at my post on decluttering. If you have any tips that you have used to conquer your clutter please leave a comment below. Before you depart my blog I would love to leave you with this last thought for this post.
Until next time,
😉 Tracy
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Birthday Wishes

Hello Everyone,
I have been away for a little while but now that my space is updated and I can work there again I want to get back into entering challenges. So to test out my new area I went to one of my favourite challenges and went about making a card and this is the outcome.
This card started with me finding this sketch from Tuesday Morning Sketches
I loved making this card on my new table! I was using my Cuttlebug and also hand punches and my stamping tool and I didn’t feel cramped for space after making each of the elements. I am really going to love creating in my new space … thanks Hubby!
The papers for the card came from a really old My Minds Eye paper pack which has been sitting in my stash with just some pieces left. This year I am trying to use up the stash that I have before adding majorly to it. The maroon layers are staples in my stash and always topped up. But the flower and swirl elements are all from a drawer where I keep solids that are cut off from other projects but are too small to be used for a main element on a card.
Thanks for stopping by and looking at my card project. I am happy to be back crafting and blogging again. Before you go I would like to leave you with this thought
This is so true! I experienced the other side of this a little while my Hubby and I were updating my space. I wasn’t able to be as crafty as I usually am and I did feel a little out of sorts because of it. I am so happy to have my space back.
Until Next Time,
Tracy Blackburn
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Progress but It’s Slow

Hello Everyone,
Just checking in with everyone … I am both on school winter holidays at the moment. It’s been colder this year and my body isn’t liking it much so sitting at my computer or my craft table hurt.  The progress of my shift around is going a lot slower than anticipated because of the cold but there has been progress.

The photo on the left is what my space looked like before I started sorting through.  The photo on the right is what it looks like now after I put in 1 1/2hrs in the space. There is still stuff in front of the shelving unit but it is more sorted and I have gotten rid of quite a lot from there. I decided to take photos of my journey and blog about it because I was doubting that I was making progress.  Seeing these photos though I now know I am making a move towards a more pleasant space to be in.

UpdateJuly2018.jpgThis is a photo of my craft desk in it’s new space.  I can craft at it but I while I am sitting there I know the mess that is sitting behind my desk and in the rest of the space.  Sometimes I feel guilty sitting there while the mess is still around me.  So I am not spending much time here …. 😦 Does anyone else feel like this? Wanting to craft but knowing that you should be doing something else :/ so the enjoyment goes away from the time spent there!

I just have to remind myself that I am further along today than I was yesterday. Which comes to my farewell to you …. Thank You for stopping by to read this post and I hope that you are having a fabulous day. And so for my final thought for the day:
If you're looking for health inspiration, funny quotes, and great fitness tips, Get Healthy U is the place for you!
This is true in any walk of life. Always move forward. A little progress is better than none. I need to remember this as I continue with the shifting in my craft spaces.

Have a Happy Progressive Crafty Kind of Day,

❤ Tracy

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Hit And Miss

Hello Everyone,
Just letting you know that I will be a little Hit and Miss with my uploading. As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Well there has been two main reasons behind all of this ….

  1. I am in the process of moving my craft area around….
    This is where my crafting happens at the moment. It is in the corner of our living room and I am feeling quite cramped here. I haven’t been able to get the storage right to stay in this area so I need to move. I actually find myself doing stuff out of this space so I am going to move into part of our garage.
    NewSpaceSewJune2018This is a photo of the area that I am going to be moving into. I have been here before but a lot of changes have happened to make this place a much nicer area to work in.

    So I will be without my usual space, as you can see from the photos a lot of packing and unpacking is ahead of me.  (((Let you in on a secret … I am not looking forward to that aspect of this GRAND idea of mine))) So since I have a few other things going on during this total move I am going to put together a box of minimal supplies so that I can continue to participate in my favourite online challenges … at least that is the plan.

  2. My Hubbys Birthday was Today actually ….

    We had a wonderful lunch with family yesterday. Today after we went to church in the morning we went for lunch at a favourite place, Wellington Point Queensland, and my darling Husband got to have some time doing a favourite activity – Photography.  This is just a hobby but he is getting better with his photos and he finds it very relaxing.

So life is continuing on … My walk with God is becoming stronger, I am still battling health issues – but they are not my biggest task to deal with at the moment. I am taking life at a lot slower pace now and I am enjoying things a whole lot more.

Thanks for stopping by and reading a everyday blog post instead of my usual crafty post. I will be back soon with another crafty post … I plan on putting up more than just my cards because my other crafts give me as much joy as my card making does so I want to share those finished projects with you as well. And as always before you go I want to leave you with this thought:
Once is a mistake.  Twice is design element.Each of us are a unique creation created by a true Master of His craft.
No one is a mistake! Remember this ….

Have a Happy Unique Crafty Kind of Day,
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