Polychromos Update

Hi Everyone,
Today I am bringing you an update for my Polychromos Pencils. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  Last year I had bought myself the full set of Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils and I absolutely love them in every way.  But in the past couple of months I have been having trouble seeing the pencil numbers that are written in gold foil on each pencil. I was thinking that I was going to have to give up using my favourite colouring medium.  Then I thought about how I name my kids pencils for school each year and an idea came to mind.
Polychromos Pencil Names Full Set.jpg
Here is the whole set completed 🙂

Polychromos Pencil Names Close Up.jpg
I used my computer and some Avery Media Labels
Printed the number of the pencils onto them, I fitted 9 numbers per label
The biggest part was cutting them apart
I found the mini label wasn’t sticking very well so I had to wrap a bit of clear tape around the number to help it stay on.

I am really happy with this hack – I can keep on using my pencils without straining to see the numbers that I am after.  Maybe this will help someone as well.

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