52CCT May Theme

Hello Everyone,
Today is the 3rd week in May and this means it is time for a Theme Challenge with the Design Team from 52 Christmas Card Throwdown Challenge. And Rosie has chosen this theme for us to play with

I have to admit that this one stumped me as to what to make for quite awhile. But this is the card that I came up with

52CCT 05 2019 wk3 Theme

I decided to have a play around and just started making something. I knew that I wanted something other than people singing. I knew that I had this “Baaah Humbug” set which I used this sheep image and the song book came from a 2nd Set called “Holiday Party Animal” both stamp sets are by Lawn Fawn. I coloured these sheep in with my Copic Markers. Then I needed to find a background paper suited and I thought I had some sheet music paper but I couldn’t find anything in my stash.

So I used the string of Christmas lights from the Baaah Humbug set and some musical notes from another set. After I stamped this out I thought that the background was a little plain so I decided to do a splatter technique. I got out my spatter cubby and put the background in it then I got 3 Distress Inks, my spray bottle, a small fat brush and a stamp block and had some fun flicking ink. I must admit that I had to trust the process. After setting the panel aside to dry I rubbed the ink pad onto sections of the card base so that the colours would co-ordinate with the panel. Then I assembled everything together gluing the panel directly to the base but popping up the sheep on foam tape.

Thanks for stopping in and looking at my Design Team work for 52CCT. Please consider hitting the like button or even leaving a comment. I hope that you will consider coming on over and playing along with us this week. Before you go I would like to leave you with this thought

Amen 🙏🏽

Until Next Time,
Tracy B

Toe Update and What I’ve Done

Hello Everyone,
Well my imposed time away from my blogging and card making has been so much longer than any of us thought it would be. I went to the fracture clinic in February and was told that my toes were not set properly and that I would have to have surgery to fix it.  Well that happened nearly 6 weeks ago now and it didn’t work.  So I have been released from the horrid Moon Boot and am now learning how to walk again.  Don’t get me started on the Physio side of things!! But it’s not going to be a short road back.

BUT I am slowly getting back into things but I am getting into more of my usual activities.  The biggest achievement has actually been being able to drive again!!!  My Wonderful Hubby has been doing all of the driving since I broke my toes – which has included getting our Son to and from school each day.

Some lessons that I have learned over this time of forced rest

  • not to be afraid to ask for help from others. I have had to ask for various things but I still find this hard even now.  I was bought up as a very independent person, this can be both a strength and a flaw.
  • being more thankful for the little things – this actually comes from the above lesson – being able to have a shower by yourself, being able to walk long distances without having to rely on a wheelchair, being able to drive and go where I wanted to go without having to have someone take you
  • that I am more thankful for being able to do some craft – this was my sanity saver – I have been crocheting and colouring so much.
  • Don’t take anything that you enjoy for granted – you never know what could change it!!

I have also had quite a bit of alone time which I have spent reading my bible and journaling.  Oh I would have been so lost without the use of my hands and eyes.  My walk with God has deepened but also my story has been influencing others – who would have thought!! I have been surprised by the people who have told me that this journey of mine and how I have been dealing with everything has influenced them and their journey.  The journey with my foot has only been a small part of my health and life journey – this part of my journey started in August 2016! Some big stuff and some little stuff – a couple of illnesses, a couple of surgeries, death of a parent, changes in schools for DS and 2 broken toes. There is more ahead of me before I get to the end of this journey/season.  I believe that this time will end because God has promised that we will walk through seasons of life and never be in this season for ever.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Just as we have Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring.  So my time will come to walk out of this season.  I never thought that I would write this but I am glad that I have had to walk this path. My walk with God is stronger and I feel stronger for what may be ahead of me.

And here is a photo of 1 of the projects that I have completed so far
Crochet Fluffy Scarf Feb 2018.jpg
I made this as a Random Act of Kindness project.  I didn’t know who this was going to go to when I began this scarf I just loved the yarn and I chose to make it just using just Double Crochet stitch.  When I started it I was praying while I crocheted the stitches and then as I came close to finishing the piece I was guided to whom it was to be given too.

I gave it to the lady that it was intended to be given too and she was quite touched by it.  She told me that she had been having quite a hard time with things happening in her world. Then to have someone make something “Just Because” they could was quite wonderful and helped her think that yes she could get through what was happening in her world.

Thanks for stopping by.  I truly hope to be on here more often now sharing all different kinds of crafts with you not just card making.  And as always I have to leave you with a thought for the day:
12 hilariously clever Christian Memes
My Super Hero – Jesus, the Son of my God.

I will definitely not be trying to do this life without Jesus beside me.  I am human and I will not always be perfect about this but I know how to come back to where I should be.

Have a Happy, Crafty, Thoughtful Kind of Day
My Name