Everything halted ….


Sometimes you just have to bow your head. . . love it   #ENCOURAGEMENT   ~XOXHello Everyone,
This is going to be a quick post because I shouldn’t even be doing this under Physio orders. So shh … no telling this will be just between us OK!  As the title says Everything halted as of yesterday afternoon … I was out for a driving lesson with my Daughter and I hurt my shoulder.  I reached for something in the back seat while we were stopped and my shoulder gave out!!

I went to my Physio and he worked on my shoulder and told me that
I’m not allowed to do the following:
Drive or supervise lessons (means I can’t get our Son to school)
or lift anything heavy for the next 24 to 48 hours
or anything that will require a lot of muscle movement of my right shoulder.

The driving isn’t a problem because my Hubby can do the school run both Morning and Afternoon.  The lifting is a problem with trying to get my craft area cleaned and organized (see this post) but when my Physio mentioned the last one I laughed at him.  I am right side dominate – it’s also the side that I hurt the most – so how can I stop using it.  So I hope to not be out of action too long because I want to get back both into my craft zone and onto here as well.

Have a Happy Crafty

Sore Free Kind of Crafty Day,

❤ Tracy