About Me

Hello everyone,

Me Feb2013Welcome to my blog.  I am Tracy and I live in a wonderful part of the world – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1995 and wouldn’t want to do this crazy life with anyone else.  I am a SAHM who is helping Child 1 get through Uni/College and Child 2 to finish High School.  They are both a delight and sometimes a frustration but I am so grateful for these two every day 🙂

I have been a crafty person since I was a little girl – this love of craft came from many different members of my family.  My Nana introduced me to Cooking and my Mum who was my biggest influence introduced me to many crafts including drawing and sewing.

Over the past couple of years my main crafting loves are both Card Making and Spinning.  I am someone who can not be doing nothing – whether I be waiting for in a Drs surgery, picking up a family member, traveling on public transport or sitting in front of the TV; I always have something on the go.

  I hope you enjoy my cards that I will be uploading but I also hope to upload a little more about my other crafting loves as well. When time and health permit me to do so.

I hope you enjoy your time looking around my blog and that you may find some inspiration somewhere.

Have a Happy Crafty Day,


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